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PAS kissing UMNO? Who Cares!

A lot of my friends ask me to comment on the latest gossip about PAS who want to leave Pakatan and joining UMNO.


Haven’t I wrote and published on 24 June 2008 asking mankind to throw PAS and UMNO away. That is long before the confess of our beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia that he, as a capacity of UMNO’s President had met PAS’s top people 3 times, to talk about a lot of thing.


Well, I believe they will do that. And I heard that UMNO will give a lot of thing including no.2 post in Malaysia if PAS joining BN.


Truthfully, I do hope so, because by that people will clearly see the evil of the right winger.


All this while 2 rightist are fighting each other to show who is the farthest right. And people without any choice have to choose between one.


But the emergence of the left wing parties nowadays has begun to attract Malaysian. New Malaysians who did not have any experience in seeing leftist, now can slowly see, learn and adapt the left ideology. It takes time, but it is better than nothing.


By having PAS joining BN, Malaysians are actually seeing 2 rightist parties become one. And that is better, because their influence will be reduced.


And when the rightist screwed up, the leftist can claim, “Look at what happen to the rightist, they said they are holier-than-thou but actually they are the devil in disguise”.


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