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Galvanise Support for Anwar – Hold rallies everyday

It is not our stand to be partisan but the recent event against populist Encik Anwar was an untoward incident. In the name of humanity we hereby declare to put all support to Encik Anwar bin Ibrahim. We urge everyone especially Malays whether you are punk, skinhead, junkies, underground, or Indies to hold rallies and demonstration in the name of truth, justice and humanity.

We urge all artists, whether you are actors, singers, painters, or writers to join together on the road for Encik Anwar Ibrahim.

We beg all pious, religious, Ustaz, Ustazah, Pak Imam, Pak Bilal, Pak Noja, Sami, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother to join hand and demonstrate together to show support for Encik Anwar Ibrahim.

We need all the engineers, accountants, lawyers, and professional, white collar workers, blue collar workers to take leave or take MC and march together for Encik anwar Ibrahim.

In the name of democracy, liberalisation, and justice, we are against any force of authoritarian, coercion and dictatorship.

May God bless us all.


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