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Cracking the whip at Umno

Malaysians cannot wait for the Umno leadership battle to be resolved and the Prime Minister cannot disappoint them again. Malaysians will forgive neither him nor his party. He must act and push the conservatives within the Cabinet to move forward.

By Karim Raslan, The Straits Times


Most Malaysians have been appalled by the succession of press conferences, statutory declarations, accusations and counter-accusations that have hogged headlines for the past two weeks.

The mud-slinging has made Malaysia the laughing stock of Asia. But Malaysians can’t just turn their backs on what’s happened because there are important lessons to be learnt from the experience.

First and foremost is the need to proceed with the stalled reform agenda. In 2004, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi promised change. He failed to deliver and suffered the consequences on March 8, after which he reiterated the same promises.

Now, more than ever, amid the debris of numerous scandals, the entire nation can see the extent to which crucial institutions — the police, the judiciary and the prosecution in particular — have been weakened and politicised.

Malaysians cannot wait for the Umno leadership battle to be resolved and the Prime Minister cannot disappoint them again. Malaysians will forgive neither him nor his party. He must act and push the conservatives within the Cabinet to move forward.

Second, the government’s credibility must be safeguarded. As Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, one of the more open-minded Cabinet ministers, says: “Credibility is something you build up. But once it’s lost, it’s very difficult to regain.”

Given the current pathetic levels of trust, the government has a lot of work to do.

Third, Umno needs to be brought to heel and disciplined. Many of the current problems faced by the nation are due to Umno’s overwhelming influence within the administration and the inability of its leadership to control prominent party members, especially the all-powerful division chiefs.

There is a web of relationships linking the party, the civil service, business and the security apparatus. This network needs to be opened up and subjected to scrutiny. Backroom deals have to be exposed to the light of day.

For decades, Umno has presented itself as the saviour of the Malays and arbiter of the national consensus. Past party leaders such as Tun Dr Ismail and Tun Abdul Razak were wise and pragmatic.

But Umno has since become middle-aged and lazy. Its cikgu or teacher ethos of the past has been usurped by the wheeler-dealer businessman in his black SUV. Now, as the Malay proverb says, pagar makan padi — the fence devours the rice — the guardian has turned on its charges.

Umno chiefs, warlords and their financial backers — rumours suggest the party’s upcoming leadership contest will involve hundreds of millions of ringgit — must be accountable to the Constitution and the institutions of state. If they break the law, they should suffer the consequences.

This is where the reform agenda — the calls for a more open, fair and law-abiding Malaysia — is important. Malaysians need Abdullah to remain focused on this agenda. Get it right and the reform agenda will be his legacy. Get it wrong and nothing else will save him.

But many in Umno don’t consider this to be a priority. For them, it’s secondary — the kind of issue only liberals, spoilt middle-class journalists and noisy lawyers are interested in.

Whenever I discuss such matters with Umno types, they’ll reply: “Karim, the voters in my kawasan don’t care about these things.” I have to disagree: Umno’s poor showing in the March 8 election was due to its refusal to acknowledge and address core issues of justice, fairness and equality — issues that Malaysians directly experience when “enterprising” Umno leaders suddenly acquire large houses and countless expensive cars and go on lavish foreign holidays.

Still, there are those in the Cabinet like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and Datuk Shahrir Samad who do recognise these weaknesses and have tried to convince their colleagues that restoring trust in institutions is a top priority.

Shabery, for one, says refreshingly: “We need to realise that we do have a track record and culture of service. We needn’t be afraid of openness.”

The ugly face-off between opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak can be directly attributed to the current imbalance of authority — on the one hand, a severely compromised security and legal apparatus and, on the other, a pumped-up executive beholden to no one but the party and its warlords.

This has created an environment riddled with corruption, slovenliness, self-importance and racism.

The credibility crisis is eating away at the Malaysian consensus. It is undermining its capacity to move forward at a critical juncture economically when leadership and focus are required to guide the nation through a period of inflationary turbulence.

Malaysians do not trust the security apparatus to act fairly and impartially. And this lack of trust has emboldened opposition leader Anwar to play to the gallery. He knows that in the absence of a credible legal forum, the court of the public becomes the ultimate arbiter of his innocence or guilt.

Umno, the party of Merdeka, must come to terms with modernity. The party has lost all sense of propriety and service. It is focused on serving its own needs. The mass of Malays and Malaysians has been forgotten.


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  1. Melayu….Dulu…. Kini…???

    Walau apa pun yang diperdebatkan pada masa kini adakah ia sebanarnya boleh mengubah identiti pemikiran, budaya, perlakuan dan mana, apa, bagaimana, di mana Melayu itu sebenarnya.
    Walau apa pun yang dijuangkan, adakah ianya sebenar-benarnya meninggalkan kesan kepada budayawan politisme melayu.
    Walau apa yang diperkatakan adakah ianya dapat memperbesarkan imperialisme Melayu dalam gagasan agenda politisme pemikiran dan perjuangan Melayu.
    Pun hakikatnya hanya golongan pendatang atau imigran yang dijemput hadir dakwaan untuk memperkasakan ekonomi Tanah Melayu pada kurun ke 18 itulah sebenarnya mengaut untung dek persis perlagaan bangsa Melayu.
    Apa bangsa Pah Lah. Anwar dan Hadi Awang ? Kalau dahulu Kesultanan Melayu Melaka adalah empayar, adakah melayu itu diiktiraf kerana adanya campurtangan imperialis asing ?TIADA hanya Islam sebagai pegangan dan Bangsa berdaulat, Budi Bahasa Pengulu Bicara.
    Kita harus menerima hakikat bahawa Melayu itu telah mengalami perpecahan kerana egois daripada mereka yang hanya melihat tamsil angganan yang kini jelas telah menikam bangsa. Kita harus menerima hakikat bahawa kita telah banyak kehilangan darah, kehilangan material, kehilangan maruah, kehilangan tanah dan banyak telah kehilangan selama mana sebelum dan selepas. Melayu masih belum merdeka !!! Melayu merdeka kerana anugerah kemerdekaan itu TAPI merdeka minda dan spiritual batiniah masih lagi dijajah dari dalam diri mereka sendiri. Sekejap mahu jadi Hang Tuah, sekejap mahu jadi Hang Jebat, Sekejap mahu jadi apa hah ? Tapi yang pasti hanya watak Si Kitul saja yang mandaliar dalam lubuk hati dan itu yang ditajali dalam hidup harian.
    Hey Melayu !!!! sedarlah masa makin suntuk, jalan masih jauh bagi mereka yang kini dibawah ketiak, digendongan, di buaian di sekolah dan di mana-mana. Jangan kerana dek persepsi ingin menjadi Jebat atau Tuah maka kita hilang segalanya kerana beruk dihutan sudah melempar susu yang diberi masih tak sedar lagi.
    Apa lagi waimah Tunku Abdul Rahman, TTDI, Tun Razak, Tun Hussain Onn, Tun Mahathir dan Pak Lah mereka hanya sebagai aktivis memperjuangkan hak melayu mereka banyak berjuang mempertahankan melayu apa yang penting mereka juga melayu, mereka juga manusia, mereka juga macam kita hanya dahan yang diduduki tinggi tapi mereka juga di sekitar pokok, yang melayu kebanyakkan ini yang duduk di dahan pokok di bawah pokok sedikit sebanyak haruslah bersyukur dan jerit-jeritlah yang di atas supaya memetik buah yang lebih sedap dan ramai-ramailah sambut buah yang sedap itu agar tidak rosak dan enak dimakan. Tapi melayu kebanyakkan tak sabar tetap juga mahu menjolok, menebang dahan yang banyak buah itu tapi banyak yang terkorban kerana itu, Ya buahnya pasti banyakkan tapi ruang teduhan makin berkurangan sedarkah kita…?? TIDAK JUGA……OLEH ITU JAGA MELAYU.

    Comment by SOFI MJ | July 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Melayu sifatnya mengikut ketua. Maka jika baiknya ketua maka baiklah bangsa. Jika buruknya ketua maka buruklah bangsa.

    sejarah Melayu sebelum kedatangan kolonial Inggeris masih lagi berada di tahap selamat jika Sultannya bobrok. Ini kerana seburuk-buruk Sultan, tanah air masih kepunyaan Melayu.

    Namun selepas kehadiran Inggeris yang membawa beribu-ribu pekerja asing ke tanah melayu lalu kini telah diwarganegarakan, kebobrokan pemerintah (sultan atau perdana menteri) tidak boleh dipandang sepi.

    Pemerintah boleh menjual bangsa dek material kepada bangsa asing mahupun bangsa pendatang.

    Takut akhirnya 50 tahun lagi Malaysia kita ini akan berupa Hong Kong ataupun Taiwan.

    Iya negaranya zuhud dan sufi namun ianya berwajah Hong Kong yang bercakap Cina, berbudaya Cina dan berfikiran Cina.

    Comment by gigidnl | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Cina dan India dibawa ke Malaysia oleh British untuk melombong dan menoreh getah kerana 2 perkara
    1) Melayu bodoh , lembab ,low IQ
    2) Melayu malas
    Buat pe British nak bawak Cina dan India dari ribuan km jauhnya ?
    Bukannye murah!
    Sebenarnye Cina dan India pun sama-sama bodoh. Kita semua dijajah British dulu.

    Tak caya, pegi England dan belek buku-buku Sejarah diorang!!!

    Janganlah panggil Cina dan India tu pendatang aje, akuilah SALAH keturunan sendiri yang menyebabkan British bawa Cina dan India masuk Malays dulu.

    Siapa meLAYU dalam dunia yang cuma tak sampai 18 juta orang kalau dibandingkan dengan 1.3 billion Cina dan 1.1 billion India di dunia ? Siapalah kawan Melayu dalam dunia nie selain dari Cina dan India ? Indon ? Rasa-rasanya seluruh Indon nak bunuh semua yang ada di Malaysia kalau berpeluang skrg nie. Sedar-sedar lah dan pakai otak tu sikit orang Melayu ! Kawan yang ada jangan dibuang, nanti takde kawan….cuba hidup selama-lamanya tanpa berkawan dengan sesiapa… orang giler je boleh begitu!

    Comment by grg | January 9, 2011 | Reply

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