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Lazy, Love and Priest

Sometimes there will come a time when we get very lazy. Lazy to work, lazy to go to gym, lazy to wash dishes, lazy to do laundy, lazy to wake up, lazy to bathe.

And then we began to dream and fantasized things that we know it will never come true. And this behaviour become worst, it began to be a norm to us.

Yeah I hope this virus creep out of me soonest possible. As I feared it will have a long run effect to my life.


Why is it hard to find our love-one. A person who we love and will love us back. Who have all the qualities that we dream off.

Time is ticking and we getting old. Longer we take, harder to find one.


Interesting, I was been contacted by a priest yesterday. We talked for a quite sometime. All this while I’ve been asking why never a priest came to me (when I’ve been told that missionaries are in full gear to persuade everybody to embrace christianity) and yesterday God fulfil my prayer.

He is a catholic priest and he talk about love to Mary, to Jesus and to the Father. It seems that all he talk about is love and nothing else. Jesus love U, Jesus are not judgmental, Jesus accept U as what U are and so on and so forth.

Since I’m a kinda person who hard to believe in other people’s say, I ask him, how can a human being become a God? The Jewish said that stating Jesus as a God is heresy and blasphemy. God cannot be seen by human kind in this world and cannot be compared to any living creature.

He suddenly stunned as I think he wont get any of those question. He told that Judaism is for Jewish people and he rather not comment on it.

I asked again, how come trinity concept contradict with the first commandment that is ‘The Lord our God, The Lord is one’. Again he failed to answer and he said that we will talk about it later. He rather said that all we need is love and Jesus love us all.

Finally I told him that yeah it is better not to talk about religion as religion is about faith and to have faith we need to understand.

Clearly shows here that all this missionaries agenda is to just to recruit new christians whether they understand the religion or not. In my case as I ask a lot of question, it is hard to convince me, but for other peole who don’t care to think, ‘LOVE’ is really a good tool to make us believe.



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