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I hate when people fight in the name of religion

Once I accidently utter a phrase “Religion is poisonous”. Then I remember it had been uttered by a prominent figure Karl Marx. I asked my friend, have I becoming atheis or communist? Gladly he answered it was just a figure of speech, as I saw people fighting for their own benefits using the God’s name in vain.

Recent incident is the spat between Lim Kit Siang and the backbenchers (Malaysia). I know that Lim Kit Siang is a hardcore opportunist and chauvinist. He will use all means to ‘hentam’ the government. For him as long as a human being carries a Malay or Muslim names, he or she is the most ‘pariahs’ in this world.

A Malay cum Muslim cum from ruling party asking about the cross in monastery’s schools. Whether it should still remain in the school compound. Lim Kit Siang (Chinese cum Buddhist/christians? cum opposition) takes the opportunity to create it as a racial issues.

My stand is all religious symbols whether christians/ hindus/ buddhist/ islam should be remove from the school’s background. Students should be given a healthy environment to develop their own personalities and ideas through common surrounding and humanities values and not to be influence by any doctrin or dogmatic rules.


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