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Summary of recent events

1998/99 Saga

I remember that i just finish my SPM when the saga erupted. That time i got this sensual feeling that all the race will get together and fight for justice and freedom. And I got a feeling that Anwar will become Prime Minister of Malaysia. Hence after the GE-12, I realised that my premonition though late maybe will come true. And I hope that Anwar will become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia not through BN/UMNO but through PKR.

UMNO = Malay is bullshit

After the GE-12 result and shown a big lost to BN and UMNO. UMNO playing again an old retoric that UMNO = Malay. Which is for me is bullshit. If anybody can tell what is UMNO I think it is me (for people of my age).

 I remember my Great Grandpa was from Parti Negara (Dato’ Onn’s party), my Grandpa was UMNO and my mother was Semangat 46. I was Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia. When Semangat 46 dissolved my mom choose PAS and when PRM dissolved I choose not to enter any party.

 Why I said that I know what is UMNO and what is Malay? Because I am Johorean and to be exact my mother’s family was raised in Batu Pahat, Onn’s town. As a Batu Pahat’s people we know who actually fight for the Malay and who is not.

 Furthermore when I was in Uni, I began reading left wing’s book that told me the truth about UMNO.

UMNO is a party that been approved by the colonial. There is another Malay party that time that is Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM). This party has been derecognise and its leader was thrown into ISA because they truly fight for the malay and independence. UMNO as a colonial stalwart been given green light to continue its operation and been given independence easily to the expense of it’s people’s right.

Malay = Islam is bullshit

Originally my ancestor are Christian’s Malay from Indonesia. When our great great grandparent moved to Singapore he married a chinese woman there. Then they convert to Islam. Then our great granparent moved to Malaysia during the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

I still got a lot of Christian’s Malay relative in Indonesia. When one my relative got a Malaysian Citizenship, the registration department don’t want him to be registered as Malay because he is Christian. He is Malay, I am Malay we come from a Malay root yet he cannot be Malay according to Malaysian law because he is Christian.

 The rule Malay must be Muslim is totally bullshit. I am Muslim and I am proud to be one. But to say that all Malay must be Muslim through law is totally outrageous and scandalous. Malay can be Christians, can be Hindus, can be Buddhist, can be animism. But one thing that Malay cannot be i.e. be other race. Malay can only be Malay they cannot be Chinese or Indian or English or Arabs.

 Salafiyah the gateway to True Islam

Since I was a little kid, I like to ask a lot of question about religion that most people will consider blasphemy. Plus my mom already teach me some of Christians dogma when I was just a little kid.

 Off course, people that time that entertained me is my dad. He will answer, “Don’t ask U will go to hell”. Some of the questions are like why a boy cannot pray together with his dad? Why we must have wirid? Why we must have talkin? Do we need to recite fatihah when we pray in congregation (jemaah)? Why do we do tahlil when they said that our counted action is till our death. When we have died nobody can help us anymore?

And then there is Astora Jabat, though he is controversial, he really did give a good view on his version of Islam. and when I read Majalah I from Karangkraf all my questions being answered.

 There is a sect like Syafi’iyah named Salafiyah. Salafiyah is a sect that emphasised to go back to the original version of Islam that is Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad and also teaching of his sahabah (salafus soleh). They said the original version of Islam is very liberal not like right now which is rigid, and extrime. And they also said that not all Arabic culture is Islam, hence we did not need to kill our own Malay culture to go to heaven.

Mahathir The Twisted Tongue

He is more keling than ever. If he do it is okay, but if someone else do it is bad, sin, hell. I think I will go crazy if he speak another word. 


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